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scientific evidence
Drug Demand Reduction

Scientific Evidence: Its Meaning and Contribution to the Drug Demand Reduction Field

ISSUP invites you to join a Webinar on 'Scientific Evidence: Its Meaning and Contribution to the Drug Demand Reduction Field' with Dr. Gabriel Rada.

The webinar will explore the issue of scientific evidence and its importance given the centrality of “evidence-based” work in the drug demand reduction field.

It is important that we consider the role and meaning of scientific evidence and how evidence should be integrated and applied to strengthen drug demand reduction work. The emphasis will be on understanding what is meant when we use the term “Scientific Evidence”, the term's history, its conceptual significance, and how scientific evidence can be classified. The event will cover the relevance of scientific evidence for health professionals, policy makers, practitioners, researchers and other members of the drug demand reduction community who seek, or wish to develop, a deeper understanding of this issue.


Dr Gabriel Rada,
Professor, School of Medicine, Catholic University of Chile
President, Epistemonikos Foundation


Dr. Mariano Montenegro,
Director Colombo Plan Office for Latin America and the Caribbean,
Trainer for UNODC, Latin America and the Caribbean

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