A series of videos on HIV prevention among people who use stimulant drugs

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The UNODC Regional Programme Office for Eastern Europe (Kiev, Ukraine) and Charitable Fund "Humanitarian Action" (Russia) are launching a series of 8 animated videos on the provision of HIV prevention services for people who use stimulants. The videos are based on the UNODC 2019 Technical Guide on HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support for People Who Use Stimulants.

Videos are posted in the New Psychoactive Substances section of the official UNODC YouTube channel.

Key interventions described in the guideline include: Condoms, lubricants and safer sex programmes, Needle and syringe programmes and other commodities, HIV Testing Services, Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), Evidence-Based psychosocial interventions and drug dependence treatment, Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of STIs, hepatitis and tuberculosis (TB), Targeted information, education and communication, Prevention and management of overdose and acute intoxication.

The videos are part of a comprehensive set of tools for service providers working with people who use new psychoactive substances. The package also includes the NPS-Info.org website and guidelines for web outreach. These tools fill the information gaps on new psychoactive substances and the involvement of people who use these substances in government and non-government-based programs in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

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