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opioid agonist therapy

Supportive therapy with opioid agonists

ISSUP Kazakhstan invites you to participate in the upcoming webinar on the topic: Supportive therapy with opioid agonists.

PTAO has been used for more than 50 years and is one of the evidence-based treatments for opioid dependence. WHO, UNODC and UNAIDS recommend PTAO for use in the management of opioid-dependent patients and in the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
According to the Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS adopted in June 2021 at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly "Ending inequalities and getting on track to end AIDS by 2030", one of the foundations of HIV prevention in the country among people who inject drugs is the coverage of the PTAO program.
In Kazakhstan, for many years, the picture of the prevalence of drug use, in particular injecting drugs, which is one of the ways of HIV transmission, has persisted. Since there is no single treatment method that is effective for all individuals with opioid dependence, a fairly wide arsenal of various methods, including PTAO, should be available in Kazakhstan.

Learning outcomes:
Expanding knowledge about the opioid agonist maintenance therapy program, studying foreign practices for the implementation of the program

Dr Victor Kolomiets, Alliance for Public Health 
Treatment Project Manager: PTAO

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