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child protection

Child Protection Resources

UNHCR has published a comprehensive document with different key child protection resources, issue briefs and portals. 

The extensive list of Child Protection Resources is as follows: 

Key child protection resources:

  • Best Interests Procedure Guidelines
  • Best Interests Procedure Toolbox
  • Child Protection Planning Guide
  • Alternative Care in Emergencies Toolkit
  • Heightened Risk Identification Tool
  • Technical Guidance Child-Friendly Procedures
  • Promoting Child Protection through CBI
  • UASC Field Handbook
  • UASC Toolkit

Child protection issue briefs:

  • MHPSS – Children
  • Child Recruitment
  • Sexual Violence Against Children
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Birth Registration

Child protection resource Portals:

    • UNHCR Child Protection Community of Practice
    • Emergency Handbook Child Protection
    • CPHA Community of Practice Resources - Ukraine
    • The Alliance for Child Protection- Resources
    • UNHCR Operational Data Portal - Ukraine

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