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Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention: Uganda's Story - Dr Brian Sekayombya, Day 4, 09:00-10:29

Presented as part of the Uniting the global community to face the challenge of addiction event, online on 15th May, 2022


Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention: Uganda's Story - Dr Brian Sekayombya 


Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention: Uganda's Story - Dr Brian Sekayombya 

The World Drug Report 2021 highlighted a 40% increase in number of drug users in Africa by 2030.This is a call to Africa to take immediate action. Uganda with majority of its population comprised of young people, has adopted drug and substance abuse prevention interventions that are theoretically grounded, culturally sensitive and cost effective. Uganda is involving all interested and responsible stakeholders to implement prevention interventions to earn sustainable and long term benefits. Highlighted are the interventions implemented by Uganda to prevent drug and substance abuse among its population with emphasis on the youth.

  1. Policy level interventions (National Drug Policy and Authority Act, Tobacco Policy, Alcohol policy);
  2. School interventions with over 20000 students reached in 2020 and encouraged development of drug free clubs in schools;
  3. Community interventions where the media and Information Education Communication tools have been utilized;
  4. Collaborations;
  5. Research to ensure reliable and readily available information; and
  6. a streamlined and standardized mental referral system.

With the interventions and experience learned from interventions on prevention of Tobacco smoking and prevention of HIV in the early 90’s, Uganda can lead efforts and become a referral for prevention of drug and substance abuse in Africa.

Learning objectives
  1. Share Uganda’s efforts in prevention of Drug and substance abuse
  2. Learn from other jurisdictions on how to improve Uganda’s interventions for better outcomes

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