War - Psychological skills for surviving (coping with) traumatic events: Overview of PTSD and PTSD Treatment

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ISSUP Ukraine and ITTC-Ukraine welcome you to a joint initiative dedicated to the ongoing war and the horrific events that resulted from Russian's attack on Ukraine. Ukrainians are currently experiencing extremely traumatic events that will have a direct impact on their mental health for a long time to come. The purpose of these online events is to support professionals in Ukraine, to provide evidence-based available skills of first aid to people of different groups in acute and chronic stress, to teach to recognize conditions that require reference to the specialists.

Webinar 6: War - psychological skills for surviving and coping with traumatic events: Overview of PTSD and PTSD Treatment

Sonya Norman  
PhD, Professor, University of California San Diego School of Medicine Director, PTSD Consultation Program, National Center for PTSD


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