Providing alcohol and other drug treatment in a residential setting

Workers who provide AOD treatment to people in residential settings need to have the most up-to-date and evidenced-based practice approaches at their fingertips.

In this comprehensive resource, you will find research outlining the effectiveness of residential treatment. This resource covers a variety of different types of residential treatment for the range of people who seek support, for example, young people, women, Aboriginal, etc.

 includes frontline worker experiences from organisations that provide specialist AOD services in residential settings; best practice approaches that you and your organisation can implement; and a range of resources for further reading.

This resource will support the work that you and your organisation engage in every day.

What’s inside?
Designed as a practice guide, it comprises sections on:

  • residential treatment principles of care
  • trauma informed care approaches
  • models of care and treatment approaches
  • inclusive practices for families, significant others and children
  • and much more.

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