WHO stakeholder survey on improving access to morphine for medical use

WHO launched a survey on assessing barriers, enablers, and pirority actions for improving access to morphine for medical use. 
All Civil Society Organisation can contribute by filling out the survey before 31 August 2022.  

The survey is available in all 6 UN languages for participation by relevant stakeholders:

The purpose of the survey is to:

  • Collect information about current situations on access to morphine and other strong opioids in countries for patients in need;
  • Identify main system barriers to and enablers for access to morphine from a health system perspective; and
  • Prioritize potential actions for improving access to morphine for medical use.

The target stakeholders to this survey are: 

  • Policy makers responsible for managing the provision of morphine and other strong opioids; 
  • Health service or care providers caring for people requiring pain relief or palliative care; or
  • Representatives from non-government organizations whose scope of work relates to access to morphine or strong opioids for medical use (e.g. supply).

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