Cannabis and Adolescence

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ISSUP Webinars

ISSUP Chile presented a webinar on the results of current research on the impact of cannabis use on the developing adolescent brain.

What can be known from current research about the impact of cannabis use on the developing adolescent brain?

Episodes of anxiety or the emergence of psychiatric symptoms are a worrying consequence for some of the users. They are mentioned when analyzing the possible consequences, but the focus is not there, but on the effects that are generated in any adolescent marijuana user.

Dr. Gabriel Rossi Gonnet  
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 
Expert in drug addiction at the Complutense University of Madrid. 
Master in Drug Addiction from the University of Deusto, Spain.   
Former coordinator of the treatment area of the National Drug Secretariat of Uruguay. 
Consultant of the Colombo Latin America plan
Centro Clínico del Sur, Montevideo.
British Hospital of Montevideo. 


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