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domestic violence
Violência Doméstica
mental health
salud mental

"The Situation of mental health, violence against Women in the context of the post-COVID19 pandemic" progress, challenges and challenges

ISSUP Peru wants to invite you to its next Webinar.

According to the UN: almost 1 in 3 women has suffered abuse in her lifetime. In times of crisis the numbers increase, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent humanitarian crises, conflicts and climate disasters. A new UN Women report , based on data from 13 countries since the pandemic, shows that 2 out of 3 women experienced some form of violence or knew a woman who suffered from it. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 said they would turn to the police for help. In turn, it was concluded that these women are more likely to face situations of poverty and food shortages.

While gender-based violence is widespread, it can and should be prevented. Stopping this violence starts with believing in survivors, adopting comprehensive and inclusive approaches that address root causes, transform harmful social norms, and empower women and girls. With essential services in the police, judicial, health and social sectors, and with sufficient funding for the fight for women's rights, we can end gender-based violence.

The webinar will aim to share the progress of the interventions from the Peruvian state of the MIMP and MINSA sectors that have been carried out in this important agenda in the midst of the context of COVID19 and identify challenges and challenges.


  • Ms. Cecilia Guadalupe Barbieri Quino, Vice Minister MIMP
  • Dr. Vanessa Herrera, Directorate of Mental Health – MINSA
  • Dr. Guillermo Atencio La Rosa, Executive Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health – MINSA


  • Marilú Martens, national director of CARE Peru & president of ISSUP Peru
  • Melissa Bustamante, National Gender Officer, UNFPA


Miguel Angel Hinojosa Mendoza, technical team DESAME MINSA 


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