HIV and Substance Use: Reading List

World AIDS Day takes place in December each year. This reading list contains a list of research, publications and resources for practitioners relating to HIV/Aids. We also have a network dedicated to HIV and HCV where you can find a collection of further reading.

  1. UNODC has developed a series of publications relating to Drug use and HIV. Here, you can find out more about the work that UNODC has done relating to drug use and HIV; prisons and HIV; HIV and the sustainable development goals; and critical enablers.
  2. The purpose of this publication, which was also developed by UNODC, is to provide guidance on implementing HIV, hepatitis C (HCV) and hepatitis B (HBV) programmes for people who use stimulant drugs and who are at risk of contracting these viruses.
  3. EMCDDA has put together a miniguide that covers drug-related infectious diseases. The miniguide looks at the key issues, evidence and responses, implications for policy and practices and provides an overview of data including a selection of graphics.
  4. This publication, which has been developed by UNAIDS alongside the World Health Organisation, stresses the importance of integrating HIV and mental health support. It brings together tools, best practices, case studies and guidelines that can help facilitate the integration of interventions and services to address substance use, mental health and HIV.
  5. This factsheet, which is designed to offer an accessible summary of the key issues relating to HIV and people who use drugs, provides an overview of the latest data, shares information on human rights, and describes the global targets and standards.
  6. As part of the 65th Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the International Network of People Who Use Drugs put together a presentation that explored the way that we can address inequalities for people who use drugs and meet the targets set out in the Global AIDS Strategy 2022-2026 and the 2021 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS. You can view the recordings here.
  7. This summary sheet, developed by HIV info and NIH’s office of AIDS research, addresses a series of questions and provides an accessible overview of some of the key issues relating to substance use and HIV.
  8. The centre for disease control prevention has developed a series of factsheets that explore the relationship between HIV and substance use as well as ways to prevent HIV.
  9. In this research paper the authors analyse existing literature and empirical evidence on integration designs for the treatment of HIV and substance use disorder, to understand barriers to and facilitators of care integration and to map ways forward. 
  10. This guide, developed by SAMHSA, addresses the co-occurrence of HIV and mental illness and/or SUD. It reviews effective programs and practices to prevent HIV and, for those with HIV, to increase linkage and retention in care in order to improve health outcomes.

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