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ISAM neuroscience interest group webinar series

In ISAM-NIG's new monthly talk series "In Love with Addiction Neuroscience”, addiction neuroscientists from across the world share their personal stories/experiences on the beauty of addiction neuroscience and how/why they have decided to invest their scientific life in this field.

Webinar 1- Prof Kathleen Brady 

Webinar 2- Dr. Marc Potenza

Webinar 3- Dr. Sylvia Cruz 

Webinar 4- Dr. Antonio Verdejo-Garcia

Webinar 5- Dr. Alex Baldacchino

Webinar 6- Dr. Jean-Lud Cadet

Webinar 7- Dr. Judson Brewer

Webinar 8- Dr. Rita Goldstein

Webinar 9- Dr. Hamed Ekhtiari

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