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Hasin, D., & Walsh, C. (2020). Cannabis use, cannabis use disorder, and comorbid psychiatric illness: a narrative review. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10(1), 15.
United States
mental health

Cannabis Use, Cannabis Use Disorder, and Comorbid Psychiatric Illness


As attitudes toward cannabis, its legal status, and patterns of use continue to evolve, the landscape surrounding this substance is in a constant state of flux. Against this backdrop, this review aims to provide an up-to-date overview of the literature on the comorbidity of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder (CUD) with other substance use and psychiatric disorders.


  • A strong body of literature shows associations between cannabis use and CUD with other drug use, psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.
  • The strongest evidence of a potential causal relationship exists between cannabis use and psychotic disorders
  • While some evidence shows potential directionality between cannabis use and mood and anxiety disorders, results are inconsistent.

Conclusions: Empirical evidence shows that cannabis use is associated both with CUD and psychiatric difficulties. However, there is mixed evidence regarding the role of cannabis in the cause, course, and prognosis of a co-occurring disorder across all categories of psychiatric disorders. 

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