Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development







The Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development is a valuable resource that offers a comprehensive registry of scientifically validated and scalable interventions. The programme's mission is to prevent antisocial behaviour and encourage positive youth development while championing evidence-based practices at local and national levels. Through their publications, they emphasise the importance of rigorous scientific standards when evaluating the effectiveness of prevention interventions.

Many programmes implemented in communities often fail to deliver the expected results or exceed the intended costs. At Blueprints, they prioritise interventions with the strongest scientific support to ensure they truly make a difference. Certified interventions encompass family, school, and community-based initiatives, catering to a wide range of needs. They include broad prevention programmes that promote positive behaviours and diminish negative ones, as well as highly-targeted programmes designed for at-risk youth, troubled adolescents, or previously incarcerated adults to guide them back on the right path.

At Blueprints, they identify, endorse, and share programmes with strong scientific evidence backing their effectiveness. These programmes are rated as either Promising, Model, or Model Plus. When exploring the programme registry, you'll find each programme's rating clearly indicated.


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