Xchange Prevention Registry






Xchange is an online registry dedicated to evidence-based prevention programmes, offering a wide array of thoroughly evaluated interventions. It serves as a valuable resource for implementers seeking effective strategies to address substance use-related issues. This dynamic platform provides users with access to a curated selection of over twenty manualised prevention programmes, each supported by European evaluation studies demonstrating their beneficial outcomes.

Xchange offers decisional support based on real-world implementation experiences with the listed programmes. This feature helps users assess the practicality of implementing specific interventions in the diverse cultural contexts across Europe. It recognises that a programme's effectiveness is just one piece of the puzzle, and the ease of implementation in a given country can be equally crucial. Xchange, therefore, help implementers to make informed choices when selecting prevention programmes that align with their goals and logistical considerations. In summary, Xchange is a comprehensive online repository that combines evidence-based approaches with practical insights to advance the field of prevention and substance use intervention.

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