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The Power of Words: A Deep Dive into the Language of Addiction

ISSUP Global presents its webinar on the Language of Addiction.

“The Power of Words: A Deep Dive into the Language of Addiction" explores the transformative power of language in addiction recovery and treatment. It will offer an in-depth analysis of how words shape perceptions, influence recovery paths, and impact the stigma around addiction. The session aims to encourage a shift towards more empathetic and supportive language, emphasizing the importance of person-first narratives to foster a supportive environment for individuals navigating addiction. Participants will gain insights into practical strategies for implementing positive language changes in professional and personal contexts.

Intended audience: 

Professionals in substance use treatment and prevention, mental health practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and recovery advocates.

Learning outcomes  

Participants will understand the historical context of language in addiction, recognise the impact of words on recovery and stigma, and learn strategies for adopting person-first, empathetic language in their work.


Simon Bratt (PhD Student-Mental Health Social Worker)

Simon Bratt is a highly skilled mental health professional with over 15 years of experience in the field, and has been recognised for his work as a social worker and academic. Simon is in the final phase of his PhD research focusing on the intersection of mental health and substance use. He founded Knowledge Through Experience C.I.C to advocate for marginalised individuals and to conduct research into mental health issues and substance use. At Staffordshire University, he educates future professionals in social science and mental health, emphasising compassionate care and advocacy. Simon's work in acute mental health care and his dedication to teaching and research highlight his commitment to improving mental health outcomes and supporting individuals in recovery.



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