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Interventions for Supporting Homeless Individuals with Substance Use Issues in the UK

ISSUP UK presents its upcoming webinar on 21st May on "Interventions for Supporting Homeless Individuals with Substance Use Issues in the UK."

Homelessness is on the rise in the UK, with many individuals in this demographic also using illicit drugs. This webinar focuses on evidence-based interventions aimed at engaging and supporting this population.

Ideas explored in this webinar are centred on how to attract people into services that have disengaged from mainstream support and how policymakers can be brought along on the journey of change.  

The webinar will explore the adaptations drug services might make to meet needs and also the potential for enhanced harm reduction strategies, such as onsite injecting facilities. Such facilities are proven to gain community support in urban areas due to the reduction in drug-related litter and increased engagement from ‘people who use drugs who don’t have to be afraid and hide’. We will look at evidence from across the UK and beyond that can inform best practice.

Intended Audience:

  • This webinar is tailored for individuals working with homeless and vulnerable populations of people who use drugs, particularly those involved in developing co-production services where the voices of those in need are central to service design and delivery. 

  • It is also relevant for policymakers and administrators of substance misuse services who are seeking strategies to engage disenfranchised communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will gain knowledge of evidence-based interventions for supporting homeless individuals with substance use issues and will improve their skills for advocating for policy changes.  

  2. Participants will learn how policy change can be affected by educating policymakers and governments on how user-based service innovation can simultaneously increase service engagement and improve community perception through reducing street injecting and drug-related litter.


Chris Rintoul

Head of Innovation and Harm Reduction Services:  Cranstoun.

Dr Katy Holloway
Professor of Criminology for South Wales University.


Martin Blakebrough

CEO, Kaleidoscope.


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