Evidence-based drug prevention policy among youth and students in Vietnam


1.Ms. Minh Nguyen (⚑ Vietnam) 1

2.Mr. Duc Nguyen (⚑ Vietnam) 2

3.Dr. Trang Nguyen Thu (⚑ Vietnam) 3

4.Dr. Minh Giang Le (⚑ Vietnam) 3

1. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2. Vietnam Government Office, 3. Center for Training and Research on Substance Use & HIV, Hanoi Medical University



Given the increasing number of young people engaging and drug use and the current challenges in preventing drug use among young, the Government of Vietnam recently issued a policy guiding drug prevention among youth and students for the period 2024-2030.


At the beginning of the development process: we conducted consultations with international researchers and reviewed evidence-based manuals to develop the policy. After multiple reviews and revisions, the final version was issued in December 2023. The drug prevention plan includes both awareness raising and skill building and adopts the evidence-based Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and other evidence-based manuals. With support from the Colombo Plan and UNODC, we will develop a team of qualified trainers from medical and social work universities in Vietnam. These trainers will then train students in the teachers’ schools and Universities; officers in charge of drug prevention in the Education Department of 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. The UPC will be integrated into the school curriculum and training will be provided for all schools in 2030.


The most recent policy on drug prevention targeted at youth and students represents the Government of Vietnam’s proactive stance in tackling drug-related concerns. Grounded in evidence, the policy will be executed through collaborative efforts with international and national partners committed to effective drug prevention strategies.

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