Stanislavski Method:The emotion in mental addiction treatment.Adults with drugs addiction problems in prison


1.Mrs. IRENE TSALERA (⚑ Greece) 1



The "Stanislavski” system can be integrated into the therapeutic approach of drug users ,not only as an educational method in the field of theater education but to be transformed and evolved as a technique for dealing with dysfunctional perceptions and attitudes concerned themselves but also the social reality around them.

The method is based on the application of acting techniques through world theater roles to former drug users who are in the process of detoxification.

The teaching is done through the art of theater.

In this case, the process of creating a biografy will be followed and the analysis of his personality at the given moment of approach. Individuals through the process of approaching the roles will be encouraged to match their own experiences with those of the role and as they shaped the theatrical role, to realize the role they played in shaping their own character. Therefore, they will be able to perceive the stages of the formation of their own personality through the conditions in which they lived and which to a large extent created the conditions for their dependence on substances and the appearance of delinquent behavior.

This awareness will provide alternative approaches to therapeutic treatment with specialists as individuals have identified the problem.

The method has specific physical and experiential  exercises, speech training and feed back in order each participant feels good with the public exposure to have communication and interaction between them and not to make his or her tragic story available to the public.


Formulation of a new methodology of holistic treatment, which places the acting art as a support for the treatment and not an artistic process which is an independent fact of the needs of the treated members or a framework based on the personal needs of the instructor.

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