Vulnerable Populations – Migrants and Refugees (Panahgah)


1.Mrs. Sindy Oliveira Nobre Santiago (⚑ Brazil) 1

1. Panahagah


Refugees and migrants are considered at-risk populations requiring special attention from many aspects, including from a security, social, economic, and most importantly, from a health standpoint.

Their experiences associated with displacement, a breakdown of support systems and community structures, a lack of services, a mental health stress, the development of substance use disorders, and the sudden absence of basic supplies and resources have a direct impact in their ability to reintegrate into society and restructure their lives out of a vulnerable status.

Keeping an individual’s health and state of mind in good shape are critical factors to create a balanced atmosphere to resettle and reinstate vulnerable populations into society. In this regard, there are some specific health vulnerabilities to take into consideration when planning and preparing strategic approaches to assist with the resettlement of those facing persecution and human rights abuse, followed by forcibly displacement and a stateless situation.

These vulnerabilities include increased risk of communicable diseases due to long journeys, inadequate access to basic services, development of mental health issues including stress, personality disorder and improper use of control or uncontrolled substances. These situations are normally aggravated by exposure to war, conflict, and natural disasters, followed by life threatening and physical harm situations, which are the main causes of mental health disease and the inappropriate use of legal or illegal substances.

Specific focus on prioritizing responses to minimize the impact of mental health and the development of substance use disorders is a first step to maintain migrants and refugee populations toward a successful resettlement into a new life. Such responses may include an organized and synchronized structure of services provided by migrant academic professionals that requires a myriad of efforts and expertise for effective results. 

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