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Seminario Adaptación del Modelo Islandés de Prevención del Consumo de Drogas: avances a tres años de su implementación

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Este seminario, dirigido a técnicos y profesionales que se desempeñan en el ámbito del consumo de sustancias, busca compartir los resultados y la experiencia de adaptación e implementación del modelo islandés de prevención en 6 comunas chilenas, además de abordar los desafíos de considerar este modelo como una política pública.

Designer Drugs

Created by
Haider Ali by Drug Free Nation

Designer drug is a structural or functional analog of a controlled substance that has been designed to mimic the pharmacological effects of the original drug, while avoiding classification as illegal and/or detection in standard drug tests.[1] Designer drugs include psychoactive substances that have been designated by the European Union as new psychoactive substances (NPS)[2] as well as analogs of performance-enhancing drugs such as designer s

Prevention Plus Wellness Video Program Samples

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Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC
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Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Video Programs are highly sustainable, interactive video adaptations of our original manual-based programs that can be provided online and in classrooms.  

PPW Video Programs provide the same content and three-step process of screening, feedback and multi-behavior goal setting as all PPW evidence-based practices screening and brief interventions. 

Prevention Portraits

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APSI is running a new series called Prevention Portraits, which includes a selection of informal interviews* with scientists, professionals and other stakeholders who are contributing to prevention knowledge and practice around the world.

New Video on Alternatives to Incarceration

Created by
Drug Free America Foundation, Inc
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Policies that allow for alternatives to incarceration are a way to link individuals with substance use disorders to supportive treatment and social services. This proven approach increases the number of people in long term recovery and keeps families together, while reducing crime and recidivism. Check out the video and share with policy makers and on social media to raise awareness on alternatives to incarceration.

Medios de Comunicación y Uso de Sustancias / Mass Media and Substance Use

Created by
Roberto Canay
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Interview conducted by the team of the Ombudsman's Office of the City of Buenos Aires to Dr. Roberto Canay

Theme: Media and Substance Use

Interview conducted by the team of the Ombudsman's Office of the City of Buenos Aires with Dr. Roberto Canay.

Topic: Mass Media and Substances Use

English subtitles

SSA Qualitative Methods Series

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On Friday 6 March 2020, the SSA sponsored a one-day conference on conducting qualitative addiction research.

The resulting videos were released weekly during June and July 2020 and provide a useful resource for any qualitative addictions researcher looking to develop their skills and careers.

Module Zero of the Universal Curriculum

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Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), U.S. Department of State
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This 19-minute video introduction to the Universal Curriculum series will be introduced at the beginning of future online courses.  The slides will be included in the forthcoming manual editions of the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC), Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC) and Universal Recovery Curriculum (URC).  The module will also be included in future face-to-face trainings.