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CAADE Conference Professionalizing the Workforce in the Pandemic Era

California, United States,

On behalf of The California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE), join CAADE Conference 2022. CAADE has held its annual conference for over 34 years, staying true to our mission of “promoting and supporting quality higher education in addiction studies”. This year’s event is especially exciting as it will promote the themes; Case Management, DSM5, MI, MAT, Documentation.

Call for Master Trainers for the Case Care Management Project

Brief Description: The Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (ES-CICAD) is seeking expressions of interest from experts in the field of alternatives to incarceration and social integration to be trained as Master Trainers for the delivery of the Case Care Management curriculum internationally. Upon successful completion of the Training of Trainers, these Master Trainers will be included on the Case Care Management roster of trainers and can be contacted to deliver the

Effectiveness Bank Matrix Cell: Elusively Important: The Practitioner in Psychosocial Therapies

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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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Key studies on the impact of the practitioner in psychosocial therapies. Takes Carl Rogers’ seminal work as its starting point, explains why being genuine sometimes means breaking the ‘rules’, and why effective therapy is not just a matter of being nice. Finally guides you through the complexities which - despite its obvious importance to clients - obscure the impact of the client-worker relationship.