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ISSUP Philippines would like to invite you to give a gift to yourself this December! Join this workshop to Pause, Reflect and Connect.

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The purpose of the study is to see whether there is a link between people’s experiences of early negative life events and alcohol use. The role of self-compassion will also be explored. Self-compassion relates to being kind to yourself, accepting that we are all human and make mistakes, being mindful of our own feelings and not judging ourselves too harshly. The survey includes a short series of online questionnaires relating to lifetime alcohol use, self-compassion

Webinar: Compassionate Pragmatism an Integrative Approach to Treating Problematic Substance Use

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Andrew Tatarsky, Ph.D., Founder and Director The Center for Optimal Living will take us through a harm reduction approach which has compassion at its centre. This webinar looks at harm reduction across the range of risk behaviours associated with problematic use of substances.

Can compassion words change the addiction discourse?

As a PhD student, I joked that my work was the best bar-conversation-starter ever: “So what do you do?” “Ah, actually,” I would smile; pause. My job was definitely one of my favorite topics. “Drug research.” “Drugs? Like, medicine?” “No, drugs-drugs. You know,” (f there was a pint nearby, I gestured towards it and raised my eyebrows) “alcohol, hash. Mainly heroin, though.” Sometimes talk of work would end there. If I was in a group