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Launch of 'Sobriety, Abstinence & Moderation' Research Cluster

With recent declines in drinking rates across parts of the world including Europe and Australia – particularly amongst younger people – and the rise of ‘positive sobriety’ movements, ‘dry months’ and online communities, further research into the lived experiences, representations and challenges of drinking moderately or not at all is timely and important. The Drinking Studies Network is launching a new cluster that will open a discussion about historic and contemporary drinking cultures. Research within

The Alcohol Change UK Conference 2019


There are many factors which affect alcohol harm including pricing, availability, marketing, treatment accessibility and quality, and drinking cultures. But as well as forming part of the problem these factors offer potential solutions. 

43rd Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium

Sheffield, United Kingdom,

The primary purpose of the symposium is to provide a forum for researchers involved in studies on alcohol to exchange ideas about their ongoing research.

Australia: Social Pressures and Alcohol Consumption

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Almost 20% of Australians exceed two alcoholic drinks on average per day. However, the will to cut down or quit drinking can lead to social stigmatisation. A new study published in Drug and Alcohol Review reports that, in many social situations, drinking is considered normal behaviour and that failure to meet this expectation is viewed as “deviant”.