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Webinar: EU Drug Market Report 2019



The aim of the webinar is to enable participants to understand the concept of the illicit drug market within the broader context of changing patterns of drug use, cultural and social factors and links to wider criminality; to describe to participants in detail the markets for the main drug types and the key points, and to talk about the opportunities for improvement of operational practices by using strategic analysis.<

EU Drug Markets Report 2019

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The EU Drug Markets Report 2019 is the third comprehensive overview of illicit drug markets in the European Union by the EMCDDA and Europol. 

The analysis presented in the report examines topics such as the links between drugs and other crimes, the licit economy and society more generally as well as the processes and players involved in the trade, from production and trafficking to distribution.

Key Points from EMCDDA’s 2016 European Drug Report

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As we welcome in the New Year it seems an ideal time to take stock and present the key points from the 2016 European Drug Report (EDR), the European Monitoring Centre for Drug and Addiction’s (EMCDDA) annual review of the European drug situation.

It includes analyses of trends, situational information, and data from individual countries.