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COVID 19 AND BEYOND: Impact on Mental Health

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Organization for Addiction Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation (OAPTAR)
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Topics discussed:

  • Experiencing Covid 19 and the lockdown - psychological effects of the pandemic.
  • Psychological support services available.
  • Delivery of support services available - how and who.
  • What and how we can do better.


Thanks to:

Dr Miriam Cue from Phillipines

Dr Riza Sarasvita from Indonesia

Dr Danai Indrakamhaeng from Thailand

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The Stigma of Substance Use


About this Event

Dr Liviu Alexandrescu Lecturer in Criminology School of History, Philosophy and Culture – Oxford Brookes University

Presentation title: Drug/dependency stigma and marginality: some reflections on the political economy of blame 

About Liviu

The Implications of COVID-19 for Substance Use and Mental Health – A Public Health Perspective


In this CCSA panel discussion webinar, experts will provide federal, provincial and local perspectives on the response to substance use and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will explore the implications of the pandemic response on substance use and mental health, as well as the response measures that were taken, lessons learned and recommendations as pandemic restrictions across Canada begin to lift.