Effectiveness Bank Analysis: ‘No Effect’ from Targeting Child Drinking via the Parents

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: 2019, Issue 3. Art. No.: CD012287.
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Findings of this comprehensive review seem to almost entirely deflate what in the mid-2000s was a bubble of enthusiasm for parental programmes as a way to prevent or reduce drinking among teenagers - but despite this overall verdict, some interventions have had remarkable results.

Alcohol Services: Responding to Diversity

London, United Kingdom,

The Drug and Alcohol Research Centre conference will take place at Middlesex University on Friday 14th June. This year we are looking at the needs of diverse communities for alcohol (and other substances) service provision.

The needs of diverse communities for alcohol treatment services are not well understood from the literature or from existing population data.

Effectiveness Bank Analysis. REVISED: Strong Therapeutic Relationships Help Clients Get Where They Want to Be

Psychotherapy: 2018, 55(4), p. 316-340.
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Comprehensive review for the American Psychological Association concludes that the working relationship between clients and counsellors/therapists is one of the largest and most consistent determinants of outcomes. Includes practice recommendations.