motivational interviewing

Motivational interviewing: Guiding clients to make beneficial changes


By the end of this webinar, attendees will gain:

  • An understanding of Transtheoretical Model of Change
  • An awareness of what Motivational Interviewing is and when it is useful
  • Knowledge of the spirit and principles of Motivational Interviewing
  • An understanding of the core communication skills of Motivational Interviewing that lead to behaviour change

Research for practice: Training the competent practitioner


Join hosts Drs William Miller, Goodman Sibeko and team, for a discourse on Motivational Interviewing research in Africa. How successful have we been in training competent practitioners and what have we learned in the process?

This Webinar is the third of a series focussed on Motivational Interviewing in Africa.  

Teleintervenção fundamentada na entrevista motivacional para familías que convivem com um parente com problemas por consumo de álcool e outras Drogas

Created by
Afin Network

Cassandra Borges Bortolon, a Clinical Psychologist, Postgraduate Professor in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Director of Acurarte, President of AMTEPA, Founder of the Acurartech Company, and an Independent Research Consultant, presented AFINet’s fourth Webinar on “Motivational intervention for family members living with a relative with a substance-related disorder”, which she presented in Portuguese with a simultaneous English translation.

Motivational Interviewing in Practice, An African Journey

Created by
South Africa International Technology Transfer Centre in collaboration with MI & Beyond.


William Miller and Stephen Rollnick, co-founders of Motivational Interviewing engage with clinicians and researchers from across Africa, drawing on lessons from existing research and dissemination activities, and exploring the broader potential of Motivational Interviewing on the African Continent.