Medication-Assisted Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder: Review of the Evidence and Future Directions

Connery, Hilary Smith, Harvard Review of Psychiatry. 23(2):63-75, March/April 2015.
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This article is a review and analysis of past research that finds substantial evidence for the positive results of Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in treating Opioid Use Disorder.


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Sustained Opioid Antagonism Modulates Striatal Sensitivity to Baby Schema in Opioid Use Disorder

Wang, A. L., Lowen, S. B., Elman, I., Shi, Z., Fairchild, V. P., Bouril, A., ... & Langleben, D. D. (2018). Sustained opioid antagonism modulates striatal sensitivity to baby schema in opioid use disorder. Journal of substance abuse treatment, 85, 70-77.
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  • First fMRI study on the effects of naltrexone on social motivation in opioid-addicted patients.
  • Extended release naltrexone modulates brain response to the level of cuteness in baby portraits.
  • Reduction in craving for opioids is correlated with brain response to baby schema.



Chronic opioid misuse is associated with reduced sensitivity to natural

Effectiveness Bank Matrix Cell: Bridging the Chasm; Legal Drug Prescribers Relating to Illegal Drug Users

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Drug and Alcohol Findings
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In 1960s Britain a chasm of opposing agendas and social distance opened up between doctors treating drug addiction and their patients. This cell of the Drug Treatment Matrix examines how bridging such chasms makes treatment more effective.