New Psychoactive Substances

Risks, harms and clinical implications of Novel Psychoactive Substances

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As part for the new webinar series of International Society for the Study of Emerging Drugs (ISSED), we are pleased to invite you to attend a workshop on “Health Risks, Harms and Clinical Implications of Novel Psychoactive Substances” facilitated by Prof. Giuseppe Bersani and Prof. Owen Bowden-Jones.

Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health

Scientific article
Emerging Trends in Drugs, Addictions, and Health is a new international journal devoted to the rapid publication of authoritative papers on Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), Addiction and associated health phenomena. The Journal has a...

New psychoactive substances: A review and updates

Scientific article
New psychoactive substances (NPS) are a diverse group of substances that are linked with a number of health and social harms on an individual and societal level. NPS toxicity and dependence syndromes are recognised in primary care...

New psychoactive substances (NPS)

Overview A new psychoactive substance (NPS) is defined as 'a new narcotic or psychotropic drug, in pure form or in preparation, that is not controlled by the United Nations drug conventions, but which may pose a public health threat...

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