Risks, harms and clinical implications of Novel Psychoactive Substances


As part for the new webinar series of International Society for the Study of Emerging Drugs (ISSED), we are pleased to invite you to attend a workshop on “Health Risks, Harms and Clinical Implications of Novel Psychoactive Substances” facilitated by Prof. Giuseppe Bersani and Prof. Owen Bowden-Jones.

The event will be interactive and relevant material, including various clinical case studies, will be shared with participants prior to the live session. This will include a set of pre-recorded lectures on:

  • Recreational consumption of NPS
  • Clinical guidelines and best practices
  • NPS and COVID-19 restrictions
  • Users’ perspectives and regional differences
  • NPS and health security
  • Psychobiology of NPS
  • NPS related psychopathology
  • Performance and Imaging Enhancing Drugs related psychopathology
  • Treatment and clinical guidance
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