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A Promising Alternative to Opioid Pain Medications

Scientific article
There is a growing problem of misuse of prescription opioids, opioid addiction, and overdose. This highlights the crucial need for finding an addiction-free alternative medication that can be used to treat severe pain. Researchers are...

Federal Response to the Opioid Crisis in the US

Scientific article
Abstract Purpose of Review: In light of the current crisis in opioid involved overdose deaths, the federal Department of Health and Human Services operating divisions are working together to implement a data-driven, research-based strategy...

April Student Membership Update

For anyone interested in pursuing further study, seeking funding for a research idea or connecting with other researchers.

FREE Opioid Training Course from Harvard

Harvard University has launched a free online training course via Suitable for those looking for an introduction to understanding opioids and the current "crisis" facing many nations through high rates of drug related deaths. The...
Online course: The Opioid Crisis in America

Pain Management Nursing Conference

Event Date
United States

This conference will address important pain management issues, increase the knowledge and skills of pain management nursing professionals and promote the development of the nursing profession. 

Participants will be able to:

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