Review of Alternatives to Incarceration Efforts Worldwide

Diplomacy Lab Project 2010304, U.S. Department of State, Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships and Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs and John Jay College of Criminal Justice
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Substance use disorders are reoccurring chronic, often relapsing disease that affect the brain and should be treated within the public health arena similar to other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. This understanding, however, does not easily find its way into public or social policy.

Eliminating hepatitis C in prisons: Lessons from the SToP-C study


Eliminating hepatitis C in prisons will be a crucial setting if World Health Organization (WHO) elimination targets are to be achieved. For World Hepatitis Day, we’ll hear from experts about the evidence that treatment as prevention in prisons works, and how it can be rolled out in Australia to have the most effective impact.