A Mobile Clinic Approach to the Delivery of Community-Based Mental Health Services in Rural Haiti

Fils-Aimé JR, Grelotti DJ, Thérosmé T, Kaiser BN, Raviola G, et al. (2018) A mobile clinic approach to the delivery of community-based mental health services in rural Haiti. PLOS ONE 13(6): e0199313.
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This study evaluates the use of a mental health mobile clinic to overcome two major challenges to the provision of mental healthcare in resource-limited settings: the shortage of trained specialists; and the need to improve access to safe, effective, and culturally sound care in community settings.

Australian Smoking Habits

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
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Smoking is a serious health issue worldwide. Prevalence, however, has steadily declined across Australia over the last several decades thanks to a number of successful public health campaigns. The number of smokers in the country is now among the lowest in the world.