Stigmatizing imagery for substance use disorders: a qualitative exploration

Scientific article
This study used qualitative methods to identify stigmatizing and non-stigmatizing imagery for SUD and explore the reactions of people with lived experience with SUD to SUD-related imagery. We conducted focus groups and brief semi-structured qualitative interviews with 14 individuals in recovery from a range of SUD.
stigma stigmatizing images mental health substance use research language

Addiction Language Guide

The Addiction Language Guide serves as a comprehensive resource designed to address and combat stigmatizing language associated with addiction. Stigmatizing language often involves attaching negative labels and stereotypes to specific...

Role of the media in promoting the dehumanization of people who use drugs

Scientific article
One major contributor to the public opinion of drugs and people who use them is the media, whose coverage of these topics consistently uses negative imagery and language. This narrative review of the literature and American media on the dehumanization of illegal drugs and the people who use them provides a perspective on the components of dehumanization in each case and explores the consequences of dehumanization on health, law, and society.
media reporting

Stigmatising imagery for substance use disorders

Scientific article
Stigma is a barrier to treatment for individuals with substance use issues. Although there has been research conducted exploring the impact of stigmatising language, less is known about the effects of stigmatising images. This qualitative...

Support. Don't Punish International Day of Action

A global advocacy campaign calling for drug policies based on health and human rights. Support. Don’t Punish is a global grassroots-centred initiative in support of harm reduction and drug policies that prioritise public health and human...

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