Introduction to stigma


Kicking off the Spotlight on Stigma series, this seminar covers some of the key concepts and ideas in stigma. We will hear from key community leaders regarding the central stigma-related issues of concern and the strengths communities have in managing stigma and its effects.

Spotlight on Stigma 

Massive open online course for Brazilian healthcare providers working with substance use disorders: Curriculum design

Monteiro, E.P., Gomide, H.P. & Remor, E. Massive open online course for Brazilian healthcare providers working with substance use disorders: curriculum design. BMC Med Educ 20, 240 (2020).
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Interpersonal and technical skills are required for the care of people living with substance use disorders. Considering the applicability and usability of online courses as continuing professional education initiatives, this study aimed to describe the content design process of an introductory-level healthcare-centered Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Cultural adaptation of measuring instruments on stigma and mental illness in Mexico City

Mora-Ríos, J., Bautista-Aguilar, N., Natera, G., & Pedersen, D. (2013). Adaptación cultural de instrumentos de medida sobre estigma y enfermedad mental en la Ciudad de México. Salud Mental, 36(1), 9-18. doi:


This work is part of a collaborative study involving research teams in Canada and Mexico. The general objective is to describe the process of cultural adaptation and semantic validation of three measuring instruments on stigma and mental illness in Mexico City.

Current Status of Violence, Suicide, Alcohol Use, and Stigma in Mexico

Borges, G. (2021). Current status of violence, suicide, alcohol use, and stigma in Mexico. Salud Mental, 44(2), 41-42. doi:


Studies on the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) and its risk factors have shown worldwide the preponderant role of accidents and violence in the burden of disease and the role of alcohol consumption as a main risk factor in the current epidemiological profile (GBD 2019 Risk Factors Collaborators, 2020; GBD 2019 Diseases and Injuries Collaborators, 2020).

Stigma towards people bereaved by drug-related death

Kari Dyregrov & Lillian Bruland Selseng (2021) “Nothing to mourn, He was just a drug addict” - stigma towards people bereaved by drug-related death, Addiction Research & Theory, DOI: 10.1080/16066359.2021.1912327

Drug-related deaths can result in complex emotional turmoil for family members who are going through a grieving process at the same time as often experiencing a level of stigma.

Despite the high frequency of drug-related deaths worldwide, there is a need for knowledge around how the bereaved deal with grief and the nature and the implication of stigma surrounding a drug-related death.

NHS Addictions Provider Alliance 2021 Annual Conference

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The NHS APA invites you to join us at our free and virtual conference on the 13th of October 2021.

Stigma all too often prevents a person from seeking or accessing the vital treatment and support they need to recover from addiction.

Reducing Substance Use Stigma: The Role of First Responders

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Stigma is one of the biggest barriers people face when seeking care for substance use disorders. Designed for members of the law enforcement community, this webinar explored the relationship between substance use, the brain and mental health, and how stigma can be a barrier to accessing and receiving care.

Panelists also discussed the impact stigma has on people who use substances, their families and communities.