Counselling Parents and Teens about Marijuana Use in the Era of Legalisation of Marijuana

Ryan SA, Ammerman SD, AAP COMMITTEE ON SUBSTANCE USE AND PREVENTION. (2017). Counseling Parents and Teens About Marijuana Use in the Era of Legalization of Marijuana. Pediatrics; 139(3): e20164069
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Many states have recently made significant changes to their legislation making recreational and/or medical marijuana use by adults legal. Although these laws, for the most part, have not targeted the adolescent population, they have created an environment in which marijuana increasingly is seen as acceptable, safe, and therapeutic.

US Pediatricians Warn of Rising Risks to Youth from Loosening Marijuana Laws

New American Academy of Pediatrics report calls on doctors to help protect patients’ developing brains and bodies from the health harms of marijuana amid increased legalisation The AAP urges pediatricians screen adolescents and preteens for substance use, offering interventions and treatment referrals and motivational reinforcement techniques to abstain and resist peer pressure. Read more...