What is the Link Between Unemployment and Alcohol Use?

Thern, E., Ramstedt, M., and Svensson, J. ( 2019) Long‐term effects of youth unemployment on alcohol‐related morbidity. Addiction, https://doi.org/10.1111/add.14838.
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Youth unemployment has remained stable at a high-level in many countries over the past several decades.

Over the same period, evidence has emerged which suggests that unemployment can negatively affect an individual’s mental and physical health.

This, in turn, makes unemployment a significant public health issue.

Economic Hardships and Patterns of Drug Consumption in Europe

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A new study recently published in the Journal of Health Economics considers the changes in patterns of drug consumption and attitudes towards substances among youth (15-24) across 28 European countries.

Of particular interest for the investigation was the way in which these relate to high levels of unemployment following the 2008 economic crisis.

Listed below are the study’s key findings: