6th Freemind International Conference

6th Freemind International Conference: The world’s biggest drug addiction event is set to happen

From 4th to 7th December, in Águas de Lindóia, São Paulo State, the 6th Freemind International Conference 2019, will take place. Freemind is considered one of the biggest events about drug addiction in the world. The Topic of the Conference this week is: Not having a future would be a shame. What is the impact that alcohol and tobacco have on our children?  

The event is brought to you by Freemind Mobilization and ISSUP Brazil National Chapter (International Society of Substance Use Professionals) and it is looking forward to receiving over 3,000 attendees, between professionals and volunteers who work with Drug Prevention and Treatment, Parents and Teachers, Health Care Agents, Welfare, Justice and Security, Prosecutors and Judges.  

The goal is to provoke thought about the harmful substances abuse, also that the Prevention is, without a doubt, one of the most important topics when it comes to drug addiction. And it is not hard to understand why: investments in actions of this nature, apart from being less expensive, they also avoid future physical, material and social damages. As the old saying says: better safe than sorry.

The event will have 12 international speakers, 36 national speakers, 20 theme panels, 8 international conversation rooms and 12 parallel events. There will be 50 big names linked to the health care, education, sport, prevention, treatment and welfare fields, among others.  

The registration for the 6th Freemind International Conference can be done online through our website www.freemind.com.br

Find the schedule of the event in an attachment below

Freemind Mobilization

According to its creators (Dedé Martelli and Paulo Martelli), the focus of this mobilization is to raise awareness in the society for the problem of drugs. It all started after a random encounter with a young drug addict, wounded and hungry, in the middle of the night in São Paulo. From then on other people got together and started a group trying to do something about this crisis that saddens Brazil and the World: drug addiction. Determined, business people, freelancers, religious people and recovering addicts started a crusade.

Today, Freemind counts on many partners across Brazil. After the 1st Freemind International Conference in 2013, with investments coming soley from private investors, many educational actions are developed that focus on preventative measures. 

Freemind History

Event: 6th Freemind International Conference
ate: 4th to 7th December, 2019
Opening: 7:00 PM
Venue: Centro de Convenções do Hotel Majestic
Address: Praça Dr. Vicente Rios, 160 - Jardim Paraíso, Águas de Lindóia - SP

For more information

Tel: +55 (19) 99793.0240
Contact: Bruna de Oliveira Fernandes
E-mail: imprensa [at] freemind [dot] com [dot] br