Freemind International Conference

Reunião do ICUDDR – Consórcio Internacional de Universidades com representantes de Universidades e do Governo Brasileiro

O Freemind, entidade anfitriã da ISSUP no Brasil, durante o 6º Congresso Internacional Freemind, reuniu participantes de várias universidades brasileiras e representantes do Governo Federal para apresentar o Consórcio Internacional de Universidades para a Redução da Demanda de Drogas – ICUDDR, que faz parte da ISSUP Global e é muito importante para que se possa incentivar a pesquisa dentro das Universidades nesta área de drogadição.

ISSUP National Chapters Meeting in Latin America during the 6th Freemind International Congress

The 6th Freemind International Congress provided its participants with much information of important and relevant content, based on scientific evidence. There were 40 national speakers and 10 international speakers, 20 hours of international training, 30 hours of lectures, 25 hours of thematic panels and 12 hours of playful activities.

In addition, the Freemind Congress hosted important meetings, such as the Latin American National Chapters Meeting. This meeting was led by the National Chapter of Brazil at ISSUP, through its General Coordinator - Paulo Martelli.

6th Freemind International Conference

6th Freemind International Conference: The world’s biggest drug addiction event is set to happen

From 4th to 7th December, in Águas de Lindóia, São Paulo State, the 6th Freemind International Conference 2019, will take place. Freemind is considered one of the biggest events about drug addiction in the world. The Topic of the Conference this week is: Not having a future would be a shame. What is the impact that alcohol and tobacco have on our children?