Refresher Training and Examination on Universal Training Curriculum for Addiction Professionals Certification

On January 6–8, 2020, Education Provider Parahita (Kasih Mulia Foundation) held a refresher training on the Universal Treatment Curriculum for Addiction Professionals at Wisma Samadi in Jakarta. The UTC is intended to enhance knowledge, skills, and competencies of addiction professionals, as well as promote evidence-based practice for the enhancement of service delivery and treatment outcomes. The training consisted of presentations, tutorials, group discussions, roleplays and case s


Training of Assessors on Professional Certification of Indonesian Addiction Counsellors

On January 20-24, 2020, the Institution for the Professional Certification of the National Narcotics Board (Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Badan Narkotika Nasional) held a training of assessors on professional certification of Indonesian Addiction Counselors at the Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta.


ISSUP Indonesia Launch

Based on the plan of the Informal Committee (Ad-Hoc Committee), the establishment of ISSUP INDONESIA will be inaugurated and launched in Jakarta in May 2020, after forming and establishing an Official Board of the organization according to the strategic programs and activities in the short, medium and long term in February 2020. 


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