School-Based Violence Training

Preventing and responding to violence in schools can improve educational outcomes in children and help them achieve their academic targets. Many life skills are taught in violence prevention, such as communication, managing emotions, resolving conflicts, and solving problems. These skills can help children succeed in school and protect against other issues that affect learning, such as alcohol and drug use.

On October 15 and 22, 2022, The National LEAD Institute conducted a School-Based Violence Prevention Training for Senior Mistresses from the Ministry of Education, Marines from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, and Officers from the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

The training was held at the Royal Bahamas Police Force Training College. The purpose of this training was to provide the much-needed knowledge and skillset necessary to effectively implement evidence-based prevention and treatment programs and services regarding Drug Demand Reduction

The training objective is to address the Risk Factors and Protective Factors practitioners will come to see in their clients. Addressing these factors will no doubt address the unwarranted maladaptive behaviours we see throughout our communities in the Bahamas.

The training was facilitated by Global Master Trainer Troy E. Clarke I, ICAP Tx I, President of The National LEAD Institute and President-Elect for ISSUP – Bahamas National Chapter.