SPR: Call for Emerging, Hot Topic Abstracts

The Society for Prevention Research (SPR) welcome you to submit an “emerging, hot topic” abstract for an individual poster presentation, an organized paper symposium or a roundtable discussion/scientific dialogue at the SPR 2020 Annual Meeting. Consider submitting if your research, methodology, policy work, or new data represent an emerging, hot topic issue, and especially if it relates to the overall conference theme of “Why Context Matters: Towards a Place-Based Prevention Science.” The category will focus

Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol Introduced in Wales

From the 2nd of March, Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol will come into effect in Wales. The policy, which has shown positive outcomes in Scotland, aims to tackle alcohol-related harm and death. MUP is designed to reduce the amount of low cost, high strength products. Although the law enabling the Welsh Government to set a minimum unit price was passed on 9 August 2018, there have been delays to the introduction of MUP due

Should Cigarette Pack Sizes be Capped?

Blackwell, A. K. M., Lee, I., Scollo, M., Wakefield, M., Munafò, M. R., and Marteau, T. M. ( 2019) Should cigarette pack sizes be capped?. Addiction,

In an attempt to prevent harmful tobacco use, countries have introduced policies such as the minimum number of cigarettes. This increases the cost of buying a packet of tobacco and it is hoped it will deter young people from buying.

In contrast, however, there is little regulation of the maximum number of cigarettes contained in a pack.

Evaluating the Impact of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) on Sales-Based Consumption in Scotland

Published by
NHS Scotland

The rise in alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms in the UK in recent decades has gone hand in hand with the increasing affordability of alcoholic beverages. 

Minimum Unit Pricing (setting a minimum price below which a unit of alcohol cannot legally be sold) was approved by the Scottish Parliament in 2012.

11th EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal,

EUSPR are pleased to announce that the 11th EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting will take place on October 7-9, 2020, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The main conference takes place on the 8th and 9th, and pre-conference activities will take place on the 7th.

Information on registration, conference theme and call for abstracts will be announced soon.

Association between Substance Use and Personality among Mexico City’s School Children Aged 10-13

Maldonado, M. T. S., Natera-Rey, G., & Lozada, C. E. C. (2019). Association between substance use and personality among school children aged 10-13. Revista Internacional de Investigación en Adicciones, 5(2), 1-7.


Introduction: Substance use is a problem that requires prevention strategies since childhood. It has been noticed that certain personality traits can play an important role in substance use in adolescence and early adulthood. It is essential to study the factors associated with substance use in order to develop and implement preventive interventions.