Better Prevention of Drug Use, Healthy and Safe Development of Children in Belarus

UNODC had the honour of facilitating a seminar for policy makers in Belarus at the request of the Ministry of Interior of the country. More than 40 policy makers from all sectors worked together over three days to discuss how to improve the national system for the prevention of drug use and other risky behaviours on the basis of the UNODC/WHO Second Updated Edition of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention. In its session

Partnership with Lions Club to Develop Personal and Social Skills of Adolescents

The UNODC/WHO Second Update Edition of the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention identifies evidence-based education on personal and social skills as one of the effective strategies to prevent drug use and other risky behaviours in early adolescence. We also know from the work of the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance that such programmes have been found to be effective in preventing youth violence ( ). This is why UNODC was delighted to attend

La prevención en manos de los jóvenes: Herramientas pedagógicas en prevención del consumo de sustancias psicoactivas y mitigación de su impacto, para líderes de organizaciones juveniles

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Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social y la Oficina de Naciones Unidas contra la Droga y el Delito en Colombia – UNODC
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El Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social entrega a los jóvenes este documento de prevención y mitigación del impacto del consumo de sustancias psicoactivas (SPA), para que sean los mismos jóvenes quienes den las respuestas adecuadas a este fenómeno del consumo de SPA, aprovechando la contundencia de la imagen, la confianza de la cercanía estética, el reconocimiento del segmento etario, la eficacia de la similitud verbal, la jerga y la lingüí

Summer Institute on Addiction

Amsterdam, Netherlands,

As our hyper-globalized world brings people, substances, ideas, and potential sources of addiction closer together than ever, researchers, care providers, academics and professionals need to look at addiction studies in a new, dynamic light.

This two-week Summer Institute seeks to provide an interdisciplinary approach and lens to the study of addiction.

The programme is built around four themes:

Substance Use among Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions

Weitzman, Elissa R., Parissa K. Salimian, Lily Rabinow, and Sharon Levy. "Perspectives on substance use among youth with chronic medical conditions and implications for clinical guidance and prevention: A qualitative study." PloS one 14, no. 1 (2019): e0209963.
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Adolescence is generally associated with health, development and growth. However, a great number of adolescents are affected by chronic illness - defined as a disability interfering with normal life and/or demanding treatment. Substance use often begins in adolescence.