Recording a broadcast on the phenomenon of drug use by middle school students

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, a recording session for a show on the phenomenon of drug use was held in the meeting room (2nd floor of CIPLEV) of the Ministry of Security and Civil Protection Annex (Adidogomé).

A  segment was recorded for show about the phenomenon of drugs use in middle school students. This meeting was part of our actions to promote the good citizenship program of the SOLIDAIRE association in Togo.

This recording involved young students of the "AMOU-FRED" school complex and was made through questions and answers. Questions were asked by students and answers given by CNAD technical staff and OCRTIDB officers.

A few small questions were asked of the students to hear their responses and see what they have been holding back. A batch of 'brain hygiene' awareness leaflets and stickers developed by CNAD were handed over to the representative of the Association for Information Relay.