African Civil Society Common Position on Drugs

Building on developments at the international level – including the March 2019 Ministerial Declaration on strengthening actions for the world drug problem and the recently adopted African Union Plan of Action on Drug Control – please find the‘African Civil Society Common Position on Drugs’ here. The document seeks to incorporate the perspectives and guide the work of a wide range of NGOs from across the African continent, and help to shape and guide civil society

COVID-19- Alcohol and Tobacco Policies in Africa

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world, governments made crucial decisions in order to reduce the strain on health services experiencing extreme pressure. One way that some governments chose to reduce this pressure, was to introduce measures to control alcohol-related harm. Below are some of the ways the governments in Africa attempted to control levels of alcohol consumption during lockdown periods. Kenya On the 27th of July, in response to a surge in coronavirus