Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

The content contained in Rural Youth Engagement Toolkit was created to address substance misuse in rural communities through the meaningful engagement and involvement of rural youth in the process to enact lasting change that will contribute to healthy and safe communities throughout America.

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

Around the globe, it is estimated that over 1,500 Model United Nations conferences are held every year, involving up to half a million learners from primary school to university.

RISE YOUTH by Jameel Stephen Huggins and team TTO

"I choose my Future"

Jose Luis Vazquez Martinez

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Drusilla Blinker

At the Willem van Lier School I had to deal with these tough guys😂. They were very hesitant to do this exercise because it could ruin their tough guy reputation. I still got them to do it and teach the the lesson behind it.

Drusilla Blinker

At the session I had with students from the 8th grade of O.S. Ephraïmzegen I had to talk about drugs and the body. In this session I tried to teach the children the life skill assertiveness. I did this by having one of the kids(the young boy in the video) draw an umbrella.

Rashana Jones
I am extremely grateful to have met and worked with my regional brothers and sisters in creating evidence based prevention programs that will benefit our communities, country and region by extension.Kudos especially to Isabella, Dichen,Valarie, Shavangi, Yvana, Moreno and Dwayne for making this yout
Ahmad Shah

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Paul W. Jones visits Karachi,Pakistan

You can also see Ahmad Shah interaction highlight with the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Paul W. Jones during our meeting

Brittany Taylor

This video shows our culture perfectly! Enjoy!

Alikah Jones

Hi everybody, below is the video about the beautiful jewel that is Belize. Hope you enjoy

Hamraj Narine

The below video is a representation of our beautiful nation, Guyana!

Hamraj Narine

The slide below is a representation of what is currently happening vs. what our dream is a team are looking forward to produce at the end our program. ?

Dwane Hendrickson

St. Kitts and Nevis is known to produce some of the excellent drummers. Featured here is a clip of some of drummers providing melodious rhythmic music accompanied by the Sax. Enjoy! The tall green structure in the back is a depiction of our Iconic Clock located in the heart of the capital. 

Isabella Araujo

Team GuYAD proudly sharing their culture with the world as we prepare for the 1st Caribbean Youth Forum on Drug Use Prevention taking place in October 2019 in Barbados!

Rachel Carr

A poem created by the Antiguan team outlining three of the nine national symbols in Antigua & Barbuda, which includes:

The national fruit(The Antiguan Black Pineapple)

The National wear 

The national flower(The dagger log flower)

Isabella Araujo

The variety of cultural dances, Our World Creole Music Festival, Mas Dominik and our Local dishes are part of what makes up Dominica's Culture. Dominica has so much of it's rich Culture to offer. Here's a brief preview.