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On August 12, 2020 it was International Youth Day. Together with the organization Stibula we have organized a cycling tour with the youngsters from different turns.

Rashana Jones

"The Caribbean region is a major transit area for illicit drugs, primarily cocaine. These drugs are produced in South America, destined for markets worldwide.

RISE YOUTH by Jameel Stephen Huggins and team TTO

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Hamraj Narine

Team GuyYADGuyana Youths Against Drugs

Kiragu Victor Muthoga

Hello guys,drugs in Kenya and in particularly Central region are continually increasing.from children in the primary schools to adult's. Due to this I have decided to come up with project with which will help fight against this. The project will be aimed at:

Rutto kolem

Greetings sir/madam I'm Rutto kamama kolem Recovering alcoholic/addict 1yr 9months sober
-Tiaty youth Development Association cbo 

Merna Emmanuel

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Nitchelle Jno Charles

This is an original Chorus: 

♫ Drugs will put you to shame

Mess up your brain make you end up in jail

Put strife and Grief in your life

Drugs can cut your life like a Knife  ♫



RISE YOUTH by Jameel Stephen Huggins and team TTO

Today is the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking #WorldDrugDay #RiseYouth

Support us as we encourage the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago to "SAY NO" to Drug Use.

Isabella Araujo


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