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Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Karachi Chapter Leadership – Karachi was organized first meeting with  Executive Committee on March 14, 2019 (Thursday) at Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC). 

Summer Institute on Addiction

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As our hyper-globalized world brings people, substances, ideas, and potential sources of addiction closer together than ever, researchers, care providers, academics and professionals need to look at addiction studies in a new, dynamic light.

This two-week Summer Institute seeks to provide an interdisciplinary approach and lens to the study of addiction.

The programme is built around four themes:

  • an overview of policies and the history of the concept of addiction
  • contemporary prevention services
  • the current state of affairs
  • an assessment of treatment innovations

Nightlife and Alcohol Consumption among Youths: The Botellón Phenomenon in Spain


In this article, we approach the botellón phenomenon as a widespread nightlife activity among Spanish youths. Botellón consists of youths meeting up, primarily on weekend nights, in open-air public spaces to talk and consume the alcoholic beverages that they have prepared. The objective of this study was to analyze the motives, attitudes, and consequences related to the practice of botellón during the leisure time of youth. A qualitative methodology has been used and speeches from 80 young people aged 14 years to 24 years have been analyzed in Seville (Southern Spain). These participants were arranged in 10 focus groups selected by stratified sampling from different public and semiprivate secondary schools and one public university. The results demonstrate that youths indicate that their primary motive for preferentially engaging in botellón is to come together and interact, not only with their group of friends but also with other peers. Regarding the societal perceptions of alcohol consumption, they stated that high social tolerance exists. Regarding social consequences, they believed that the legal measures taken to restrict alcohol consumption on the streets are not yielding successful results. In conclusion, we understand that a change in youth lifestyles has occurred over recent decades; hence, we believe that the solution to alcohol abuse is through the establishment of preventive educational programs that are applied from the earliest levels of educational instruction and supported through work within the family.

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Glimpses from 2nd Promotion of Peace workshop at University of Education, Bank Road Campus held from 18th to 20th Feb, 2019. During 3 days participants were engaged and empowered of peace activities, role of students in peace building and designing Social Action Projects.

Ahmad Shah

The Master of Education (MEd) programme is open to outstanding teachers and educational leaders at all levels of the education system.

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Greetings. Happy to share an exciting opportunity as the brief details are given below:

PUAN Call for Nominations Everest International Model UN Conference 
July 15-19, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal 


Ahmad Shah

Greetings. Happy to share an exciting opportunity as the brief details are given below:

PUAN Call for Nominations Everest International Model UN Conference 
July 15-19, 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal 


Ahmad Shah

Dear Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network Members,

We would like to thank everyone who applied for Executive Committee. We had only 16 slots for this EC term and we received more than 26 applications. Yet, we have kept people from different programs of U.S. Department of State.

University Survey: What Do You Think about Drug Use?

Liverpool John Moores University is conducting a new research study and is inviting people from the UK to take part.

This study investigates what members of the public think about issues related to illegal drug use and involves completing a short online survey that will ask you to read through and provide an opinion on a selection of scenarios that relate to people who have taken drugs. There are no right or wrong answers.

Taking part in this study will help researchers understand better what people think about important social and health issues, which will in turn, help inform discussions on the best ways to respond.

Liverpool John Moores University
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Scientific exchange and international dialogue is taking place in August 2019 in Alpenbach, Austria.

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Highlights of 1st 3 Days Promotion of Peace Workshop held with student of University of Education, Main Campus Lahore from 18th - 20th Feb, 2019. Participants were very keen to carry forward the learning through implementing Social Action Projects in their campus. 

Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry Annual Conference 2019

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United Kingdom

The Faculty of Addictions Psychiatry Annual Conference 2019 will take place 30th April - 1st May.

Highlights of the programme include:

  • Professor David Nutt - Legislation and exploring the therapeutic efficacy of illicit drugs
  • Dr Rupert McShane - Managing the risks and benefits: Ketamine as licenced treatment for depression
  • Professor Sir Ian Gilmore - Faculty Lecture on Getting evidence into policy to reduce alcohol-related harm – mind the gap
  • Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes - Translational neurobiology
  • Dr Roberta Agabio - Baclofen for the treatment of alcohol use disorder: the Cagliari International Consensus Statement
  • Dr Hilary Hamnet - Toxicology
  • Women in addiction - Dr Sally Marlow and Dr Sharon Cox
  • The care and treatment of colleagues with addictions - Dr Jane Marshall and Dr Eilish Gilvarry
  • Innovations in technology and SUDs
  • Optimising medicines for patients
  • Evolutionary psychiatry and the history of addictions
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Call for Applications University of Ghana School of Public Health WHO HRP Alliance Postgraduate Scholarship 2019/2020

Conference: Communities Speak

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IOGT International invites you to an innovative space to jointly explore comprehensive solutions to the world drug problem. Welcome to this much-needed and innovative conference. 

“Communities Speak” is a conference that provides space for community activists and all people affected by drugs to discuss, share experience and inspire action rooted in evidence-based, comprehensive approaches to the world drug problem.

Time to speak up. Time to give voice to communities. Time for a better approach to the world drug problem.

Statistics on Alcohol - England 2019

NHS Digital has released the latest statistical report on alcohol in England. The publication includes a range of information on alcohol use and misuse by adults and children.

The report presents findings on:

  • Alcohol relate hospital admissions
  • Alcohol-specific deaths
  • Alcohol-related prescriptions
  • Drinking behaviour among adults
  • Drinking behaviour among children
  • Road casualties involving illegal alcohol levels
  • Expenditure and affordability

Drug-Related Homicide in Europe: A First Review of the Data and Literature

EMCDDA, Lisbon, May 2018

Series type:  EMCDDA Papers


Homicide is a violent act that generates high social costs. In particular, drug-related homicide (DRH) has the potential to act as an indicator of wider drug-related crime. Comparing DRH levels between countries with data on this topic can be a valuable tool for identifying trends and new threats. As part of its programme for developing and improving drug supply indicators, the EMCDDA has been expanding its monitoring to include measures of wider drug-related crime, including DRH. However, there appears to be a significant gap in the available European data on this topic. This EMCDDA Paper aims to identify relevant European DRH data sources, assess the role of drugs in national homicide data, and consider these sources and data in terms of monitoring potential. The Paper also includes a critical review of existing national and international homicide data sources.

Intention to Reduce Drinking Alcohol and Preferred Sources of Support

Although rates vary from country to country, harmful alcohol use can be considered a global public health concern. The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is the world's largest annual survey of substance use. 

A recent study, published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, has analysed data from 82,190 GDS respondents from 12 countries across four continents regarding alcohol use over the past 12 months.  

The research aimed to gain an understanding of regional differences in people’s intentions to reduce drinking and where people looked to for support to reduce their drinking.

Results from the study:

  • Almost half of those who wanted help to cut down were planning to seek help. 

  • The country with the highest proportion of respondents who said they thought their doctor would tell them to ‘drink less’ was the United Kingdom.

  • People with higher risk and possibly dependent drinking patterns were more likely to select counselling or therapy at a specialist doctor. 

  • People with low and increasing risk levels were more likely to select online tools. 

  • Online tools appeared to be most preferred in English speaking countries and those educated to degree level.

  • Alternative therapy was preferred mainly in Southern European Counties and South America.

  • In Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany, face to face approaches from either a specialist counsellor or GP were preferred.

The survey results highlight the importance of harnessing technology to develop online interventions that will help people reduce their alcohol consumption. Interventions should be carefully designed so they can act as a gateway for further quality professional support if needed.

Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (IOTOD)

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The IOTOD conference is an annual, CME-accredited, two-day event developed in partnership with internationally-renowned leading opioid dependence experts.

The latest innovations, controversies and emerging challenges are covered, ensuring the conference remains as clinically relevant and thought-provoking as ever. The conference attracts a multitude of specialists from across the globe, and so represents a unique opportunity to network with high-level experts in opioid dependence and get their insight on some of the most pressing topics in the field.

Anyone who plays a role in the care of people who inject drugs or opioid-dependent individuals is welcome, as well as any healthcare professional with an interest in the field. Past attendees have included addiction specialists, pain specialists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, social workers, general practitioners and nurses.

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