Rafi Khawar

Evidence Based practice v Evidence Biased Practice

Rafi Khawar - 25 September 2022
  1. Evidence Based Practice vs Evidence Biased Practice ...
    By...... Rafi khawar.
    Umeed e Nua 
    Addiction Counselling Center ..
     Addiction Globe  (AG)is running  swiftly and telling us on its each Rotation about it's panic condition just as a fired man running here and there crying for help for life .
    Substance use is prevailing instead of prevention and disease is getting worse despite treatment facilities and methodology.
    Where is the problem???
    This is the vital question which can set the impetus for discussion .
    Let's start from our beloved my country ,your,s country ,Great Pakistan..
    Whats going on here.???
    I am talking about both departments .eg,Prevention and Treatment ..
    In Prevention we can see some flags,Banners,few motivational speakers in schools,colleges and on roads addressing people not use drugs ,it is curse ,it is bad etc in short.
    In treatment department,we are devided in two parts,
    One.... having knowledge of Evidence Based Practice and not doing it.
    Second...not having knowledge and doing it.
    Those who have knowledge criticize those who have no knowledge of Evidence Based Practice and feeling high uttering terminologies and references of Empirical studies and practices abroad..just like such Hafiz who can recite the whole Quran but doesn't understand the meanings of Holly Book and does not bring positive  changes in his life according to Islamic values etc.
    Second part ....is not interested in getting new knowledge of Evidence Based Practice and are doing Evidence Biased Practice and are satisfied with there work..
    Both parties are missing the main and pivotal aspect of the treatment and that is 
    This is also a part of Evidence based practice but it an fragile ignorance and rejected aspect yet..
    Legally powered professionals are eating the whole cake and legally weak people are being  deprived yet..
    If we want to adopt EBP( non biased) we will have to permote Counselling ,psychoeducation ,psychotherapies in treatment facilities and will have to give appropriate share to Counsellors and therapists..then we can stop EBP (biased).
    Because REHABILITATION is not a name of Direction and Confrontation,etc