Rafi Khawar

Unclaimed Emotions. By..Rafi khawar..

Rafi Khawar - 29 September 2022

Unclaimed Emotions.
By..Rafi khawar..
Our emotions drive us.we can not enjoy our lives without them..actually we need them for our good survival.
Some emotions enjoy our ownership.we express them with recognition,identification and acceptance .we express love ,anger or any other through words ,acts and body language.
By expressing our emotion we make ourself emotionally honest .and we hide few too.we can not claim them but we have them inside.
This non acceptance challenge our mental wellness .because we have them inside wether we claim them or not,these emotion come forward in irrelevant conditions and events and play negatively with ourselves.we pay price ,we face the music too .
We must have imence mental capacity to identify our unclaimed emotions to give them name..This teqnique has vital power to improve our psychological wellbeing ..