Nataliia Pimenova

Ukrainian version of the online substance abuse prevention course "Introduction to evidence-based prevention" (INEP)

Nataliia Pimenova - 26 June 2023

INEP is online course “Introduction to Evidence-based Prevention”

It comprises 10 “Lectures” to introduce key concepts and issues for undertaking prevention focused work.

It is a programme targeting people who are at the beginning of their career development as “preventionists”.

INEP is a programme developed by Charles University in Prague (long time innovators for prevention accredited provision) and is intended for “beginners” in prevention that will hopefully lead participants to take on other more detailed provision such as the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) or the Universal Prevention curriculum (UPC).

The overall goal of the INEP online course is to reduce the health, social, and economic problems associated with substance use by building international prevention capacity through training about the most effective evidence-based interventions and prevention strategies, professionalizing the prevention professional standards, and expanding the European prevention workforce.

The online course Introduction to Evidence-based Prevention (INEP) is delivering up-to-date information in the field of prevention science.

This e-learning course is created as a complex web-based online course on Moodle platform.

The improved `flow` of the online training includes loads of additional materials, test questions and final test.

Due to interdisciplinary approach the course is ideal for students of various fields (pedagogy, psychology, education sciences, health professions etc.)

Course content

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Substances, Epidemiology, and Problem Populations

Lecture 3: Prevention Science and Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies

Lecture 4: Family-based Prevention Interventions

Lecture 5: School-based Prevention

Lecture 6: Workplace-based Prevention

Lecture 7: Community-Based Prevention

Lecture 8: Environmental Prevention

Lecture 9: Media-Based Prevention

Lecture 10: Monitoring and Evaluation


The duration of the course is 6 weeks.

10 electronic lectures and a total of about 40 hours of training.

INEP can exist as a stand-alone course, but also can be delivered to students in a form of blended learning (assisted teaching).

The number of classes with teachers (blended form of education) - 3.

Upon full completion of the course and completion of all test tasks - obtaining a Certificate (3 ECTS credits) in a university environment.

For additional information about recruiting groups and conducting the course, contact atamanataly [at] gmail [dot] com (atamanataly[at]gmail[dot]com)